Photography Challenges During COVID-19

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I miss creating portraits – a lot. After freshening up the landscaping and trying to find a new focus during the first three weeks of quarantine due to COVID-19, I spent a lot of time taking advantage of a multitude of free or discounted online photography learning videos, webinars and conferences. Even though I retired from my full time job in the legal field – there’s still not enough time in the day for all the photography knowledge I want to absorb! I want to experiment with the new techniques I’m learning, but I want to be a good citizen and maintain physical distancing. What am I to do? First start a blog as my husband has been after me to do since I retired.

To start the year off, as a belated Christmas and anniversary gift, my husband and I attended a national photography conference – Imaging USA. The learning was phenomenal and inspirational. My husband, Jude, came away from a session that demonstrated the use of canned aerosol which creates a fog effect. He could not wait to try the technique and promptly ordered Atmosphere Aerosol – basically fog in a can. For more information about this product see I think using the product on a dark background enhances the effect.

One of my last photography sessions prior to the quarantine was a mini-session for a high school senior. First I make sure I have the pose, composition, focus and lighting set the way I want, then my assistant (who happens to be my husband and fellow photographer) sprays the aerosol around for a few seconds and I quickly snap images. The aerosol doesn't float around very long (the intensity only lasts for seconds) so I have to work fast. I save the canned aerosol for the end of an in-studio session so we aren’t continuing to use the studio after “fogging up” the space. And very importantly, I check with my client to be sure they don’t suffer from asthma or any respiratory issues that may be adversely affected by the use of aerosol.


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Since we are limited in our personal contact due to the quarantine, I’m trying to be more mindful about practicing various photography challenges that I run across in my online learning. One of the photography groups that I am involved in recently posted a challenge using only a single light source. A second group which concentrates on flower photography posted a challenge dealing with lighting. I decided to combine those two challenges and add in the fog as a supplement to the challenges. My roses just started blooming so that was a great subject matter for these challenges. In addition to the Atmosphere Aerosol, I used an Alien Bee B800 studio strobe ( with a strip box modifier, placed behind and to the right of the rose and a large 4' x 8' (1/2 of a V-flat) reflector to camera left.

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If you check out you’ll see that the canned aerosol can also be used outdoors to enhance light rays. I’m looking forward to trying that out.





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